NOC: Canada’s list of skills for immigration

NOC: Canada’s list of skills for immigration

Currently, the Government of Canada builds many immigration programs to attract investment and labor force for this country. However, to carry out immigration review, you must go through an assessment process based on Canada’s list of skills for immigration – NOC. So what is the NOC? All information about this list will be updated by Le Immigration Group in the following article.

What is the NOC?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is a system used by the Government of Canada to assess and classify occupations. These occupations are assessed and classified into several groups in the NOC based on the type of work the worker is doing and their position in that job.

Most immigration programs of Canada use NOC as the basis for assessing the work experience of candidates applying for immigration. Whenever applying for immigration, applicants are required to determine their work experience by indicating a NOC code that matches their working experience.

Choosing the right NOC code is one of the most important parts of making an immigration application. If you choose a NOC that doesn’t match your experience, your immigration application may be returned or denied.

The NOC is updated every 5 years by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). So stay updated for the most suitable NOC code.

Danh sách định cư diện tay nghề NOC Canada là gì?What is the list of skills for immigration?

Types of National Occupational Classification

There are all 10 skill types in the NOC code matrix, including:




Business, finance, administration


Natural and Applied Sciences


Health and medical


Education, law and society, community and government services


Arts, culture, entertainment and sport


Sales and Service


Trading, transporting and operating equipment


Natural resources, agriculture and related


Production and utility

Levels of National Occupational Classification

Many occupations have been assessed and classified into many levels on the NOC Canada skilled immigration list. Specifically:

  • Skill type 0: Related to management jobs such as restaurant, hotel, mining, etc.
  • Skill level A: Highly professional jobs, requiring candidates to have a corresponding university degree. For example: doctor, dentist, architect, etc.
  • Skill level B: Technical or craft-related occupations that require candidates to have a college degree or have an apprenticeship for their job. For example: chef, plumber, mechanic, electrical engineer, etc.
  • Skill level C: Involves intermediate jobs such as long-distance truck drivers, salesmen or desk clerks. These workers must meet the condition that they have a high school diploma or have participated in a separate internship program for their work.
  • Skill level D: Manual jobs such as sanitation workers, painters, bricklayers, etc. Workers in these occupations are often trained during their work.

Các cấp độ trong danh sách định cư diện tay nghề NOC Canada

Levels on National Occupational Classification

How to use NOC when making an immigration application?

  • If you want to immigrate under the Express Entry program, your previous work must have met the NOC category 0, A or B level.
  • If you want to immigrate under the provincial nomination program, your previous work must have met NOC categories 0, A, B, C and D.
    • Immigrating to Canada under the AIPP program, the job must meet the NOC standard of type 0, level A, B or C.
    • Immigrating to Canada under the SINP program, the job must meet the NOC standard of type 0, level A, B, C or D.
    • Immigrating to Canada under the OINP program, the job must meet the NOC standard of type 0, level A, B, C or D.

Some questions about the NOC – Canada’s List of Skills for Immigration

How to prove NOC?

To prove the correct NOC code claim, you must provide some supporting documents in your application. Among them, the most important is the job reference letter. An immigration reference letter is very different from the one you use to look for a job.

How to choose the right NOC?

First, find the NOC title that best matches your work experience. Also, make sure the main tasks listed match what you did in your previous job. If your experience and job requirements don’t match, you need to find a more suitable title.

How to find occupations by NOC code?

  • Step 1: Please access the LINK.
  • Step 2: Select “Search by NOC Code”.
  • Step 3: Enter and select NOC code.

For example, if you want to find a job in human resource management and have a university degree related to this field, select code 0112 – Human Resources Managers, and then click “Search”.

At this time, the website will display information about the industry code, including each sub-industry code, job description for each industry, job requirements, promotion opportunities and the number of candidates to look for.

Based on the list of occupations by NOC code in the link that we have provided, you can have a good view on jobs of future works in Canada. 

Cách tìm ngành nghề theo danh sách định cư tay nghề NOC Canada

How to find occupations according to NOC – Canada’s List of Skills for Immigration

Above is all information about the National Occupational Classification that Le Immigration Group wants to share with you. Hopefully this article will help you on your way to immigrate to Canada. 

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