About us

Greetings from the Land of Maple Leaves

We have more than 22 years of experience working in immigration consulting, along with a thorough and comprehensive understandings of Canadian and International Laws. Le Immigration Group has found the answers to countless complex immigration problems. We have successfully helped thousands of clients set foot in Canada, and live their dreams.

At the same time, our office has developed a network of extensive partnerships in Canada and worldwide, with partners including large companies, organizations, and law firms in Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam. Thanks to the strong cooperation and support from leading experts in many fields, Le Immigration always applies new ideas in helping our clients’ profiles achieve the highest success rate. We believe our expertise shall bring excellence to your applications, and help clients save time and expenses.

Our Licensed Immigration Practitioner

Minh Le, B.A. Hons, RCIC

Immigration expert Le Minh Chau, Founder and Executive Director of the office, immigrated with her family to Canada at the age of 4. With an education background from Canada, Minh Chau understands the Canadian culture and people. She also has a thorough understanding of immigration and citizenship laws.

Applications sent to our office are mostly difficult cases or appeals. However, with the expertise and professional practices of a well-trained and experienced Immigration Practitioner, Minh Chau successfully helped many candidates immigrate to Canada, and live a happy life in the Country of Maple Leaves.

LE IMMIGRATION GROUP wants to become your next companion, to overcome the complicated immigration legal system of Canada, and successfully reach your destination.

We are committed to bringing happiness to our clients on the trip to Canada.

Founder & Immigration Expert

Minh Le, B.A. Hons, RCIC

Our Vision

Le Immigration Group has the right to legally represent our clients. As a member of the CICC, we are authorised to work directly with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), to make your applications processed fast and efficiently.

Our Mission

Le Immigration Group will be your trustful companion on the journey to make your dreams of immigrating to Canada come true. We offers safe, economical, and practical immigration solutions that suit each client’s needs and capacity.

Outstanding Advantages of LE IMMIGRATION


  • Authorised by the Canadian Government to provide Immigration Services.
  • Working directly with Immigration Canada and the Canadian government, Le Immigration Group has the right to legally represent your case.
  • By choosing Le Immigration Group, your application will be processed safely and accurately – avoiding the risk of working with “ghost consultants” (who are not licensed to practice as regulated by the Canadian government).


  • Anticipate and take prompt action in advance to minimise any risk from happening to a client’s profile
  • Understand the uniqueness of each client’s profile, and take care of the smallest details.
  • In the event that your case turns complicated, we can legally represent your case in court, and work with authorities in Canada.
  • Your profile will achieve the highest success rate, even with difficult and complex cases.


  • We appreciate cultural differences as part of our treasured values in Canada. With dedication and professionalism, Le Immigration brings our clients satisfaction and confidence on the journey to the peaceful and beautiful Canada.
  • We use common languages to communicate with our clients, including Vietnamese, English, French, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Khmer, etc., to help our clients feel confident in their familiar languages.

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