Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)


What is the SINP Program?

SINP is the fastest immigration approval for skilled workers (NOC 0, A, B).

The SINP program is suitable for applicants who do not reach the required benchmark (age, English proficiency, academic qualifications), or do not have enough competitive score through Express Entry, but still be considered for immigration if there is an Employer Job Offer.

This program has a high annual quota.

Through this program, your chances of getting a Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program are easier.

Flexible conditions

Fast processing time for SINP application

High success rate

Acquire Permanent Resident Card for the whole family

Purpose of the program

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program is built on the cooperation of the Government and this province, with the aim of attracting highly skilled workers to settle down in a variety of occupations, some prominent occupations include including:

Hospitality: restaurant managers, hotels, chefs, etc.

IT industry: Software Developer, Web Developer, Computer Network Technician, etc.

Office workers: marketing staff, accountant, customer care, administrative assistant, etc.

Other jobs.

Conditions for participating in the SINP program

Conditions for participating in the SINP program include:
  • Education
    Graduated from a vocational school (minimum 1 year), graduated from a College (2 – 3 years) or graduated from a university.
  • Age
    Under 50 years old.
  • Foreign language
    IELTS General minimum 4.0.
  • Experience
    Minimum 1 year of work experience in the past 10 years (experience must be in the same industry as the job being recruited).
  • Have a Job Offer Letter from an employer
    Have a job offer from an employer in the Province of Saskatchewan according to the program’s criteria.
  • Personal Records
    Good health and No criminal record

SINP Processing Process



After receiving the applicant’s profile to join the SINP program, Le Immigration Group’s CICC Licensed Immigration Practitioner will conduct an assessment of the application.



Le Immigration Group receives a job offer for the applicant.



Prepare all necessary documents to apply for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program.



All relevant information and documents of the applicant will be collected by Le Immigration Group to finalize and submit the Saskatchewan immigration application.



The applicant submits an application for a work permit to the provincial government, and receives a letter of support. 



Submit your PR application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and receive PR.

Advantages of the SINP Provincial Nominee Program

Fast Approval

The application processing is fast, because the employer already has a Provincial Certificate that allows foreign staff recruitment.

Acquire Visa for the whole family

Participating in the SINP program, the applicant’s whole family will be granted Permanent Residence Visa upon arrival in Canada.

Job Guarantee for Applicants in Canada

Applicants who immigrate to Saskatchewan through the SINP Provincial Nominee Program will have a job immediately upon moving to Canada according to an agreement with the employer.

Enjoy the benefits of Permanent Residence

Children enjoy a free and world-class high school education. The family will enjoy social benefits and health insurance, the same as a Canadian local.

Have the right to sponsor parents

Applicants are entitled to sponsor their parents to live in Canada after settling in Saskatchewan through the SINP program.

Dual Citizenship Opportunity

Immigrating to Saskatchewan under the SINP program, applicants are entitled to apply for Canadian citizenship, and can hold dual citizenship.

Citizenship after 3 years

3 years after immigrating to Canada under the SINP program, the applicant and the family can apply for citizenship to officially become a Canadian citizen.

No financial proof required

Applicants do not need to prove their financial origin and assets when participating in the SINP immigration program.

Strengths of Le Immigration Group

20 Years+ of Experience

Le Immigration Group has more than 20 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law, specializing in consulting and supporting Canadian immigration for startups. We have a team of legal consultants with extensive knowledge of Immigration Law and Citizenship.

Professional consulting team

Le Immigration Group is one of the few Canadian immigration consulting firms through the Start-up Visa program that has an immigration practitioner who is a member of the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). We have the right to represent clients in dealing with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Multinational Offices

Le Immigration Group has its head office located in Toronto (Canada), and a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, which is convenient for consulting and supporting related issues.

Strong Network of Partnerships

Le Immigration Group has a strong network of partnerships with many employers to connect workers. We can also directly process Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Permanent Residence (PR) applications with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Support for Settling down in Canada

Le Immigration Group helps clients settle down with their families when arriving in Canada (within its capacity), including real estate investment and sales, administrative paperwork, and benefits for each family member.

High success rate with Le Immigration Group

With experience, the ability to process documents, and an understanding of the difference of each client’s profile, as well as being allowed by the Government of Canada to represent clients in court and in dealing with authorities, Le Immigration Group is committed to achieving the highest success rate for our clients.
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